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The South West London & Surrey Trauma Network has been live since April 2010 as a Operational Delivery Network (ODN). Following on from national work and a drive to improve the care of the multiply-injured patient, there has been a keen drive to ensure the right patient reaches the right hospital in the right time. This has meant a move away from the injured being taken to the nearest A&E department and instead taken to the most appropriate hospital. This may be a major trauma centre or a trauma unit. This is a move away from traditional thinking but ensures that the most serious patients are taken to a centre that is used to dealing with their injury pattern.


The emphasis now is on developing the re-ablement process and this is the mainstay of future strategy within the network. Specific work around the care of the chronic head injury patient and spinal injury patient together with orthopaedic rehabilitation is fundamental. However psychological support and community support are crucial in these patients ongoing rehabilitation.


The SWL&S Trauma Network consists of a Major Trauma Centre (St George's Hospital in Tooting) and seven Trauma Units. These are:



The network has a Clinical Director and a Network Manager. These roles are concerned with network governance and quality assurance as well as developing strategy for the future. The Network has a Board and a Clinical Advisory Group. In addition, each hospital has a trauma care delivery group responsible for acting on network policy at a local institutional level. The network submits data to the Trauma Audit Research Network (TARN) and receives oversight from Department of Health area teams for London and the South East Coast. 


Additional network partners are:



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