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12th October 2017 Conference

Non-Sessional Talks / Other activities

CBRN Workshops- sign up at registration, wear the kit, perform procedures.....

Alex Featherstone, Rowena Palliwoda, Alistair Smith

Signposting and the Patient Story

Network Awards !!!



Mass Casualty Planning


The National Threat and response

Bob Winter, National CD 

Locking Down a Hospital from MTFA !

Joel Standing, St Thomas's Hospital

CBRN for the NHS

Graham Finnigan, NARU

Learning from recent events

Kelvin Wright, Network CD


Trauma Co-ordination in TUs

Cervical Collars - Yes or No ?

Jey Jeyanathan, KSS Air Ambulance

Rehabilitation Prescriptions in Trauma Units

Tom Reynolds



Education, Innovation and Best Practice.

Silver Trauma: HECTOR vs the Achilles Heel!

David Raven

Prehospital providers - Challenges for the 21st Century

Fionna Moore

Head Injury in Trauma Units - TriBAL

Mark Wilson

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