Rehabilitation is a process of assessment, treatment and management with ongoing evaluation by which the individual (and their family/carers) are supported to achieve their maximum potential for physical, cognitive, social and psychological function, participation in society and quality of living (British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine, 2010).


Since the introduction of major trauma networks, more people are surviving severe trauma.  These welcome improvements mean there are a greater number of people who are living with disability caused by their injuries.


The South West London & Surrey Trauma Network is committed to improving patient outcomes and ensuring that all patients and their families are supported throughout their recovery and rehabilitation. 


Rehabilitation starts in critical care and continues throughout a hospital stay and onwards into specialist rehabilitation centres and local community, voluntary and social services.  Various members of the multidisciplinary team work with patients at different times during their recovery.  This will be dependent on their individual needs and the goals they have set.  



Further information about life after major injury can be found at


Life After Major Trauma

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