A Major Trauma Centre (MTC) is a specifically designated hospital that provides specialist care to any type of trauma including the most severely injured. It's about pooling the expertise in one place to help ensure patients have a better chance of survival.


St. George's, Tooting is the MTC in our Network.  It is one of twelve adult and children MTCs in the United Kingdom.  


In 2014, St George's became the second hospital in London to have a helipad on its roof.  This facilitates patient access to state of the art facilities and as air transport of patients has become more commonplace, it is a natural progression of the MTC.


Care at MTCs is Consultant lead, 24 hours a day.  Following on from initial emergency care, patients who have suffered a severe injury, will often need complex reconstructive surgery and care from many professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and dietetics.  Post-trauma psychological support is a crucial element of rehabilitation.


A Trauma Unit is a local hospital that has passed a vigorous designation and assurance process.


The Trauma Unit has the capability to manage cases of mild and moderate trauma.  Major trauma (Injury Severity Score (ISS) greater than 15) will be transferred to the Major Trauma Centre.  In some cases, major trauma may remain at the Trauma Unit if transfer is deemed inappropriate.  These cases are followed up by the Network as part of on-going quality assurance.  


The Trauma Unit will be located in a hospital that has an Emergency Department and is capable of mounting a Trauma Team response.  Back-up from the core surgical specialities and critical care will be availble.  Non-core surgical specialities, such as Neurosurgery, Cardio-Thoracic Surgery and Paediatric Surgery will not be on-site.

A medical facility which is not a Trauma Unit nor a Major Trauma Centre may still receive trauma patients if it has an associated Emergency Department or Minor Injuries Unit.  These facilities are designated Local Emergency Hospitals and have strict protocols to enable the rapid transfer of patients to more appropriate centres.

Trauma Centres and Trauma Units Explained

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